Samsung definitely will be selling a new phone handset, basically more oriented towards two sim card, similar to earlier launches of the Samsung S9402 and the Samsung D980 (quite a luxury handset). There are advantage(s) of double/dual sim mobiles which Samsung realizes forcing them to tap into this market.


This move will be applauded by phone and gadget enthusiasts as it would feel good to see cell phones of this kind (double sim) coming from well known and well established handsets manufactures like Samsung. Customers will feel some sense of security and reliability. Currently it is sad that the dual sim market is flooded with these kind phones mostly are simply cheap line and cloned pirated phones therefore it is advisable to look for originally manufactured handsets also from companies which have a higher brand names and reputation e.g (Samsung and LG).


To explain to someone who might not understand what is dual sim phones it is term or phrase given to a one single mobile phone which can take two different sim cards. The handset manufacturer in this case Samsung has created two slots to insert 2 sim cards. This is what we can afford now maybe in future there will be ones which could accommodate more than two sim.


This new handset referred to above as Samsung C3212 will be launched firstly at Russia then later other European countries will follow. The specifications and in-depth features of it are still at guess yet, at what price? the phone is just below 200$ affordable and reasonable. It is a hope if more details of the two sim phone will come into light maybe in the coming weeks.

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