Philips new Xenium X510 dual sim phone is a welcome within the market of two sim card phones, although Philips is a new player which will be competing alongside existing well respected handset makers (namely Samsung and LG) it recognizes the potential and trend in the high demanding type of phone.
These type of handsets are common in countries like India, China and Russia where it is a popular phone type for beneficial reasons such as it being economical (in other words cheaper to own one) especially for travelling business people roaming packages, also for convenience sake (no hassle to carry two different phones around). An advantage of the X510 would be it being a genuine/reliable (true) phone, why this has to be said boldly basically is vast majority of two sim phones coming from some Asian countries now are either cloned or pirated, having a dual sim phone from companies like LG , Samsung and Philips gives greater assurance which leaves the consumers less doubt about owning a fake cloned phone.

Specifications of the Xenium X510 are:

Obviously it supports two sim card (in a technical jargon “dual sim card phone”)
It contains a 2 megapixel camera to capture photo and video
Bluetooth V 2.0
microSD card to store multimedia files
the display screen is 3.1 inches with touch screen
Handwriting recognition technology – one can actually write or sign on the phone’s touch screen surface.
X510 supports internet technologies (GPRS, Edge ) - one can send and receive email
A dual band GSM connectivity (900/1800 MHz) - it supports two GSM frequencies.
More detailed functions and specifications of X510 will come to light as time progresses.

The Xenium X510 will be officially launched in Russia and China but this does not mean India would be excluded (India has more cell phones per person compared to available water per person according to a recent research).
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