New brands are now entering the dual sim market – cell phones with two sim. Recently Zen mobile has released a new handset approximately the palm size with touch screen function, the handset is named Z 90. It is not yet sure how this handset ended up with such name. Z 90 will be firstly making its entrances within India.
This cell phone which can take two sim cards contain a 4GB expandable memory, a radio FM the keyboards are hidden therefore has slide keyboards. Zen Mobile has made quite through research in the market before coming up with this handset, sources from Zen revealed touch screen phones are becoming more popular also recent observations have dual sim phone handsets are becoming more popular in Asia region especially India and China. Consumers are beginning to realize the benefits of dual sim phones, one identifiable benefit is the convenience, another it is economically efficient.

The Zen Mobile Z 90 also has camera with 3Megapixels this is quite effective images of 3MP camera are similar to average digital cameras in the market, the quality is fairly good although pictures taken around good light exposure would carry more quality. The phone has a stand by time of 240 hours (10 days) this means if it was fully charged and is sitting around without the user listening to FM radio the battery could carry the phone for that certain period stated , Wow!
SMS is supported, the phone supports multiple user themes making it easier to switch between different phone modes not to exclude this but the screen size is 2.4 inches.
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