Samsung has done it again, this is not the first time they released a dual sim phone they did in the past release Samsung C5212 which was significantly a nice phone. This time around the Korean phone company did a double treat by unleashing two of its double-sim phone Samsung B5722 and Samsung C6112. The B5722 is a touch screen phone with a 2.8 inch QVGA display screen 262k colour it runs on a 1200 mAh battery, 3.2 MP camera and a MicroSD card slot capable of handling up to 8GB of photo, and multimedia files. The handset has TouchWiz Lite 1.0 user interface making navigation and browsing an easy way around the phones GUI. Other goodies are Bluetooth and FM radio.

The first sim card slot for B5722 can operate on frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz the second sim card on slot 2 will only operate on frequencies 900/1800 MHz. The phone was given a thumbs up by FCC in US which means anytime soon it will be making its way onto the shelves of shops there.


The other second handset C6112 basically a slide phone the screen display size is 2.4 inch quite similar to B5722, all features would be the same to Samsung B5722 but some minor difference would be the battery 960 mAh compared to 1200 mAh compared to the other Samsung B5722.


It is good to see great handset makers like Samsung pursing into the dual sim phone market. For those who do not understand what are dual sim phones it is basically handsets which have two sim card slots to take two different sims.



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