Handset makers are now realizing dual sim phones (cell phones with two sim cards) are on the rise today and it is on a peaking trend in developing economies where monopoly on the mobile market  are recently being demolished. The de-monopolization of the telecommunications industry has brought new cell phone service provider companies to the market; the new service providers introduce promotions and attractive packages to lure/attract customers. Customers then get to choose the new service providers therefore subscribe to two different sim cards for the new networks providers, therefore introduction to dual sim phone.

Intex an Indian handset maker introduced INTEX IN 4470, this new mobile phone handset can run on a 2G network it has GPRS enabled both 2G and GPRS brings internet applications on phones to live example Face book, Google, Yahoo and other online applications. This particular phone supports live video chat and video conferencing, to enable video and live chat two phone cameras are installed one in front the other back to capture chats. There is a chat feature called UM (U & Me) chat, this feature allows four users to chat simultaneously in a single conversation over the internet.

Sources within Intex India Ltd commented that this is just the beginning of such kind of mobile handsets, there will be more similar phones with similar features and functions coming out in the future at affordable prices quoted this source, currently this phone sells at retail price of around 80U$ which could be seen as very cheap to some or affordable.

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