Samsung in the past produced dual sim phone handsets most of which contain well advanced features such handsets like the Samsung C5212 also Samsung B5722 and C6112. This phone namely the Samsung SGH-D780 is quite simple and basic but yet it is efficient to poses.
The design of the handset is basic, the dimensions are 115x49.6x15.7mm weighing just around 108 grams, the display screen QVGA with 256K color comes at a resolution of 240x320 pixels although some people complain of the poor lighting quality of the display when placed outdoors. The keypad of the phone gives enough space for the user to type SMS, the body of the phone is not composed of metal as some people have guessed but instead another lighter material.

Multimedia features of the handset are a 2 megapixel camera with a resolution size of 1600x1200 pixels. It can play MP3 files ACC and MP4 files, to store images captured in the camera and other files there is a 32Megabyte size this can be increased up to 2 GB if preferred.
Talk time of the phone is up to 3 hours meaning if the it is not in use the period could be longer than three hours if left idle approximately 250 hours or 10 days in other words battery of the handset if fully charged can sustain it very efficiently.

The highlight feature of this phone is the dual sim card function of the phone which makes it a must have. Some people do not fully understand what is dual sim basically it is two sim cards “ sim cards are little micro-chip which store important data such as phone number, contact numbers and other stuff” Most mobile phones now have only one place to store these little cards “sim cards”. Some people prefer to have 2 of these little cards therefore have to carry two mobile phones around. This can now be put to an end carrying 2 sims is going to be stopped, Why? Well dual sim phones have two slots to place both sims, what a joy.

To summarize the Samsung two sim phone SGH-D780 is a very basic phone for the high end users yet contains a very valuable function the dual sim capability boosting it to be a good phone to have.
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