Cell phones with two sim cards are the current trend these days, discover some advantages for having dual sim phones are:

1. It is more convienent to own one, get two sim cards in one single phone
2. It saves cost especially if you are a traveler you subscribe to a roaming plan, you can have your old SIM (number) and your new SIM both inserted onto one single phone, your new SIM can be also a roaming SIM or you can purchase a local SIM on the new country you are currently travelling at. In this way your friends and families can sill communicate with your old SIM (number). You can use VOIP services like Skype to forward calls to your SIM while you roam, in this way you save costs and also you do not miss any calls and SMS. Currently VOIP services like Skype have very cheap packages which allow call forwarding.

This new handset LG GX200 is a double sim card phone unleashed by LG company it is not the first phone to be released LG k660 dual sim phone came first. There is nothing special about this handset in any of the features or function, GX200 contains a 176 x 220 pixel display screen, LED flash, 1.3 megapixel camera, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity and USB V2.0 connectivity .

The talk time of this phone is just over 13 hours and standby time is 70 days, standby time means if the phone is fully charged and left alone, (radio is off, the user does not use any of the applications , make or receive any calls) then the phone can be on for 70 days. Talk time means if the phone is charged and the user is talking on that phone he/she can talk up to 13 hours before the battery dies out. All these are being powered by a 1500 mAh battery, this is just incredible for a handset with great call duration period. Price of this phone lies proximately Euro 99 (136 U$), analysts commented the price is quite cheap for a handset like this with high end functions and features.

Currently the phone is heading for markets in Russia and India hopefully it will be available in other markets. The best thing about LG GX200 would be the phone is a genuine phone from LG a famous electronic company it is not cloned or fake it is a true original phone with two sim card slots.
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