Black Berry Storm 2 is the new double sim handset which is set to be officially launched in the UK soon.

With a dimension of 112.5 X 62 X 13.9mm and a weighing 160 grams it is a splendid elegant handset to have.

The Black berry two sim card mobile phone is with goodies such quad band phone (GSM/CDMA), 3.5 mega pixel camera with flash auto flash the camera itself records short video clips, all these images and videos can be stored onto a 2 GB internal memory but can be up to 30GB. The phone supports data networks such GPRS, 3G networks, EDGE networks for connectivity there is Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP. All these are orchestrated on Blackberry OS 5.0.

Storm Black Berry is a genuine dual sim card phone released by a well branded handset manufacturer. The predecessor of Storm 2 was the original Black Berry Storm. The new handset is targeted towards dual sim phones market looking at the features it is a handset equipped with high end features it comes in high quality, another of those high end dual sim phone  . The price tag of this according to sources Storm 2 will be available under a phone plan with Vodafone under 35 $ two year contract.

Having Blackberry Storm 2 under Vodafone's phone plan a subscriber will have two sim cards – two sim cards in one for private one for business both inserted into one single phone, that is the beauty of dual sim phones.

Insights of the Storm 2 phone applications are not yet know it looks like features such as live chat software would be a challenge yet. Keep tuned to latest gadget news to be updated on latest gadgets and gizmos developments.


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