If you fantasize new mobile phones you will be happy to see this new set of dual sim phones released by a British handset company (Onyx). The new set of phones comes in 3 different versions.

Onyx Flip style phone – it is a lightweight stylish calm shell design phone

Onyx Slider style phone – this phone slides up and down it contains features such as music player 2 mega pixel camera and email functions.

Onyx Nero is the last phone of the 3 kinds of cell phones entering the market by the phone company

Of all three phones said above they all do carry the main catching feature, they have dual sim phone capabilities, which means the person buying it has the option to have more than one sim card in the phone, it can carry a maximum of two different sim cards simultaneously (at any given time) and make calls and receive calls from either sim in different times according to the wish of the owner.

What is the benefit of having dual sim phones / phones with two sim card? From the top of my head I can give you 2.

1:COST - It is simple you can save costs with two sim-card phones - you can switch to different tariffs which are on offer to save costs on calls and sms, ie subscribe to cheap phone plans it comes useful if you are a frequent traveler overseas, or you have competition in phone market where companies compete to gain customers you can switch between carriers and enjoy the promotions from either carriers.

2: CONVINENCE - You can have different sim’s for different purposes one for personal calls insert in the slot for sim A another for business calls inserted in slot B of the phone then you can receive and make calls on both anywhere anytime you wish. No needs to have two different phones all the time around for the same purpose just carry one which has two sim slots it is far more convenient.

Let me give real life example about the good things I enjoyed for having dual sim phones.
From where I live there are two mobile phone companies TVL and Digicel, each has their own phone plans / packages and they also have promotions. TVL in one month 1000 free sms if you pay 2.00$ you automatically get this 1000free sms, also TVL has calling circle you can register three phone numbers and make calls to them for free if you speak for over 1 minute the next minutes don’t get charged. Digicel has something similar you can make calls for 3 minutes to any mobile and get the next 27 free even with sms send three texts and get the next 27 free. Also you can speak free at off peak if you make a 3 minute call this is applicable after 19:00 hours. The two companies also twice a month have double credit - meaning if you refill for 5.00 $ you get 10.00$ as your phone credits.

In summary having two different sim one enjoys the benefit and promotions for both phone service providers anytime and it does save heaps of costs.

Some comments revealed by Zafar Mirza the chairman of Onyx was quoted saying there will be additional handsets that are still in development stages an 8MP dual camera phone also a windows mobile smart phone and android handset 8MP camera both double sim.
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