Samsung has again released a new dual sim phone. The specifications of the phone are to be provided here. Samsung E2152 is not the first dual sim phone in past they had the W299, Samsung C5212, Samsung B5702 plus others.

E2512 works on any 2G network in SIM 1 slot GSM frequencies 900/1800 similar with SIM 2 slot GSM 900/1800. The display screen comes in TFT, 256K colors and a size of 240 x 320 pixels on board it also has a camera which takes only image photo no video images captured come on 640x480 pixels.

The phone has GPRS which is capable of accessing internet on that phone, chances are internet can be accessed on that dual sim phone if your service provider (mobile telecom phone company) provides this internet service then internet can be accessed through GPRS a data protocol. The phone also has Java MIDP 2.0 which means one can install java applications such as the Gtmobile this particular application lets you chat at your google chat (gmail chat) as you login this is just one example of many java applications out there which can be used on phones just google "java applications for phones" or from your Samsung E2152 enter this address on your phones browser and download directly they have excellent phone applications/ programs. yes this phone has a web browser which gives the user experience of a normal PC or laptop as long as one can adapt to small ting screens.

People argue why not I buy just any dual sim phone like those cloned N95 clone iPhone with dual sim capabilities? the reason simply is reliability ask around or look on the net for people who have bought those cloned, fake iPhones , fake blackberry's how many of them survived more than 3 months without any defects, faults, you will find many. With this reason it is better to buy a dual sim phone from reliable well established names such as Samsung, LG these are phone handset companies which do NOT produce fake cloned phone handsets.
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