Samsung has again as always announced the yet to be released phone which supports two sim cards, allowing users to use two same or different sim cards simultaneously in one single phone namely the B5702. One of the cool things with this B5702 is it supports quand-band frequencies (850/900/1800/1900MHz) GSM and GPRS.

It has a large 2.4 256K TFT QVGA display screen which allows users to interact comfortably with the interfaces and applications in the phone basically in the multimedia applications/functions it supports MP3, MPEG4, FM radio.

About accessing and browsing the internet with this mobile phone there seems to be little information if there are any browsers available but the presence of GPRS/EDGE connectivity gives indication there should be an internal web browser and not only web browsing but MMS (multi media services) text messages could be sent, MMS is a little different to normal text message it is a normal SMS text message but it can also carry within it picture/video/audio/other file formats and could be sent/transmitted/exchanged if the mobile phone operator enables MMS.
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