The Nano N3+ is a flip phone which supports dual sim cards or it can take two sim cards instantly and be ready to take and make calls from either two simultaneously. This would mean if you recieve a call from one sim card you will and at that same time another person tries to call your second sim card he/she will be placed on hold until you hang up on the first sim you will be able to answer the second call, in some cases you will be notified while you are on the previous lin that a call is placed on hold on the second sim.

The Nano N3+ has a 3 inch touch screen, a camera which the details of its megapixel is not yet known, Bluetooth, MP3 and MP4 plus a FM radio, TF card slot,QQ/MSN download. One good thing is that it is an unlocked phone which would be easy to integrate to any service providers.

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