Craving for a dual sim phone with which runs on Anroid?, Anroid is an operating system and software platform for mobile devices based on the linux kernel developed by Anroid Inc which later was aquired by Google around July 2005.

This new phone has it all, designed by a company General Mobile the phone dubbed the DSTL1 will be released around the month of Febuary 2009 just the right time when the 2009 Mobile World Congress ( launch period.

The Anroid dual sim phone has a 5 MegaPixel camera, good amount of pixel to capture high quality images. All those captured images could be saved onto the 4 Gig of internal memory. It will contain a TFT (Thin-film Transistors)touch screen and a WVQGA resolution. Powered by a 624MHz Marvell CPU it is quite efficient enough to handle all the applications running in the Anroid dual sim phone.

Wanto to buy phone
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